Laptops not reporting about Actions

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We have a group of about 37 users to whom we push roughly the same Tasks at roughly the same times. Four of the users use laptops, while the rest use desktops. All of the machines are connected to the same network via static IP. Often (I haven’t had a chance to really narrow down how often, but I think with all or nearly all Tasks), the four laptops report back “” long after all of the other computers report “Completed.”

For example, we pushed a Task at noon today to all 37 machines (the task copied certain files to a certain folder while the users were logged out; we verified in person that all users were logged out); 31 are “Completed,” 2 are offline, and the 4 laptops are still showing “” as of 2 pm. Despite that, the last report time for all four is between 1:54 pm and 2:00 pm today.

Another example: when I pushed a MS Project install to one of the same laptops a few weeks ago, it reported “” for well over 24 hours before reporting back as done.

Is this expected behavior or a known issue? Or is there a likely problem with the client and/or server settings on those four laptops? Solutions? Thanks!

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They probably have their personal firewalls enabled that blocks the notification UDP message so they don’t get the action until the check on their own daily…

You can look in the BES Support Fixlet site and see if they have the Fixlet relevant that tells you the firewall is enabled and allows you to add an exclusion…

More info on this:


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Looks like that was the problem, as when I opened the port in the firewalls, it applied right away.

Oddly, however, none of the “Windows Firewall is Blocking BES Traffic” Fixlets were reporting as relevant to any of the problem computers. Windows XP SP3, for what it’s worth.