Language Issue with "FixletDebugger-alpha2" & qna-

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Hello ALL

i download the new Fixlet Debugger tool and also the Qna newest Version and i face a strange Issue

Whenever i open any one of them and start writing in the “qna text area” or the “Action text area” , i found my PC langauge changed Automatically !!

  • I use on my PC on two langauage >> English(united state ) as default langauage & Arabic langauage ( Egypt )
  • This Issue was not and still not exist when use the Old version on QNA " qna- "
  • when i write the relevance script in Notepad and copy and paste it in the tool , it run normally , but also the language change automatically !

Can someone advise when should i do to solve this bug


Ahmed Hamed

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When the language changes automatically, does it change to English or Arabic? What is your Default language set to?

I believe the language bar settings are program specific. If you want to stay in a specific language, try to go to the language settings > Default input language

Also, try to change the language to whatever language you want to use for these applications while the Windows Explorer is in the front active window. I don’t know why I’ve seen this to work, maybe because it’s the explorer that launches the other applications and they inherit the language settings…

I hope you find resolution soon.


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Thanks Peter for Your Reply

my Default language is English > which is the defauly input language

and whenever i Write my first letter in the Fixlet Debugger , the language bar change to Arabic Automatically

and even if i manually changed it back to english , it return back again when i write any letter in the fixlet debugger !