Lab environment

Hi all
i want to install BigFix lab environment in the same network with prod environment
if it possible to point servers to two different Root servers (add parameter in masthead.afxm ) under the same licence?



This is not technically possible :–

  1. If License binded with your Hostname (FQDN) then Same hostname not possible as DNS should be unique.

  2. If it is binded with IP Address so same ip address can’t be used on 2 different machines.

So Same masthead or license can’t be used in 2 different systems to install IEM Server.
except DSA. but its used as DR means if Master server goes down the replication would be happened on DR Server

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Thanks for the explanation about the license.
What about adding another Root server in the masthead.afxm. I mean one client reporting to two different BES servers.


Do you mean editing the masthead.afxm file ?

If yes then you can’t as when you create the license file .license.pvk file contains all the encryted data which will only cater Same hostname which you gave creating the license with.

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is it possible to add different relays in clientsettings.cfg, first relay will reporting to one BES root server second one to another BES root server?

The masthead file each client uses tells the client who the top of the pyramid is. That would be ONE server. A relay only hosts the data from your host server.

My company currently has three different deployments on our network but 99.99% of our clients only connect to the production instance. I have created fixlets that send the mastheads of the other instances to an endpoint causing it to subscribe to the other instances but I rarely (if ever) use it except for testing purposes.

What you’re asking is if a client can have two different mastheads reporting to two separate instances of IEM and the answer to that is no.


The reason is that the client uses the masthead to validate the content it gets. It can only do this with one masthead at a time, so it can only accept content and function with a single server at a time.

You could have many VMs and each VM could point at a different root.

Also, as @jmaple suggests, you can swap mastheads so that a client will stop reporting to one root and report to another instead.

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