KB2919355 - Windows 8.1 Update 1

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Is there any chance that KB2919355 will be published as a patch? Or is it considered as a non-security related update?


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We can certainly see if the Development would commit to putting out a Fixlet in this update. I will submit it to our Developers and provide you shortly with their response (# 62835).

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IBM Endpoint Manager Support

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Thanks Adam, that is appreciated. Hopefully the response is positive.

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Development is working on this and they hope to have a Fixlet released by of next week. Ping this forum posting for an update on 5/8 if you have not heard back from us before then. Thanks.

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Will KB 2919355 be available for this week?

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Adam, no response as yet. The fixlet isn’t yet available in the console.

As an interim measure, I’ve created my own fixlets for W8.1 and W2012R2 to get around the shortfall. There is a significant amount of relevance missing, but it gets the bulk of the Update installed. The tricky bit will be that the fixlet can become relevant again after application, depending on what updates are subsequently installed.

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Apologies for the delay introduced by some technical difficulties. Currently the content for KB2919355 itself is available. (Patches for Windows (English), version 1989.)

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Thanks Jason, much appreciated.

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Content for the remained patches in KB2919355 (KB2932046, KB2934018, KB2937592, KB2938439, KB2959977) has been published.

Published site version:

Patches for Windows (English), version 2007.