Ive followed the bread crumbs and now im lost

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why doesnt this work!

Q: pathnames of find files “pt525.exe” of folders (unique values of pathnames of parent folders of descendants of folder “c:”)

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Wow… that is an interesting way to do it… It looks technically valid from a quick glance, but this might be an easier way to complete your relevance:

Q: pathnames whose (it ends with “pt525.exe”) of descendants of folder “c:”

Now having just shown you that, DON’T USE THIS IN A PROPERTY… This is looong running relevance that will chug a disk significantly and the BES Agent will run this periodically (on startup, when the property interval elapses, when a “send refresh” is received, and so on) and it can cause computer performance issues.

It would be best to include this in an action, where you can better control the time it runs… See here:



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I second Ben’s comments. I tried your relevance and it ran to completion on my machine after 3 minutes. That’s using full CPU in the relevance debugger. If you created a property evaluated by the client which typically is set to use 2% CPU, it would take significantly longer


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I tried this ‘pathnames whose (it ends with “pt525.exe”) of descendants of folder “c:”’ and it did not work for me… I have the file located at c:\powerterm\pt525.exe. It does not seem to recurse the sub directories. I’ve included a screen shot of qna after running it…

P.S. I am using this as an analysis to see which system have this program. It unfortunately does not show up as a regapp…

this does however work…

Q: pathnames of find files “pt525.exe” of folders (unique values of pathnames of parent folders of descendants of folder “c:\powerterm525”)

A: c:\powerterm525\pt525.exe

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Hey boostaz1,

Oops… it might be a case sensitivity issue. Try this:

Q: pathnames whose (it as lowercase ends with “pt525.exe”) of descendants of folder “c:”

Again… repeating my warning (for both versions of the relevance) that iterating over descedants of the root folder can be very bad.


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Still dont work… weird…

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You may be running into a known problem with the descendants inspector: http://forum.bigfix.com/viewtopic.php?pid=1348

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Can you use descendants (or something similar) to search through the registry?


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I dont know… I have never tried that… its an interesting idea though… I will try it and let you know what I come up with…

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Hi trickey/boostaz,

I made a new topic for this: