Issues with console for one specific user. Please Help

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We have an issue with one user loggin into the bes console on a machine. Basically when he attempts to open the console, it never opens, and the following erroron the application log is logged:

Event Type: Error

Event Source: Application Error

Event Category: (100)

Event ID: 1000

Date: 3/31/2008

Time: 1:29:38 PM

User: N/A

Computer: PDDCUTIL43


Faulting application BESConsole.exe, version, faulting module BESConsole.exe, version, fault address 0x004354ac.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at


0000: 41 70 70 6c 69 63 61 74 Applicat

0008: 69 6f 6e 20 46 61 69 6c ion Fail

0010: 75 72 65 20 20 42 45 53 ure BES

0018: 43 6f 6e 73 6f 6c 65 2e Console.

0020: 65 78 65 20 37 2e 30 2e exe 7.0.

0028: 37 2e 38 32 20 69 6e 20 7.82 in

0030: 42 45 53 43 6f 6e 73 6f BESConso

0038: 6c 65 2e 65 78 65 20 37 le.exe 7

0040: 2e 30 2e 37 2e 38 32 20 .0.7.82

0048: 61 74 20 6f 66 66 73 65 at offse

0050: 74 20 30 30 34 33 35 34 t 004354

0058: 61 63 ac

Other users with the exact same credentials are able to log in under their user accounts on the same machine, including myself. I tried deleting his local profile and everything but that doesnt seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?

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It is possible that some sort of file is corrupted in the user’s console cache (, which might lead to this type of crash… If the problem persists, you can try to send our support team the BESConsole.dmp file for analysis (see Task “TROUBLESHOOTING: Upload BES Console/Admin dump files”).


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The user has never logged in on this machine, there is no cache to clear.

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Hi Brandon,

Could you check this location for a file named BESConsole.dmp?

\Documents and Settings<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\BigFix

where is the name of the user logged in for the problematic account. If there is a dump file we can have you send it to us to debug the issue on our side.

We’ll probably need you to contact support to transfer the file over, it would be a good idea to contact support even if there isn’t a dump file, I think we’ll need to look at this with you.


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There is no BigFix folder at that location. The user is a local administrator on the machine, so I dont think its a permissions issue.

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Anybody? Still having this issue…

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Hey Brandon,

I am stumped… The fact that the console only crashes for a specific user on a specific computer is quite confusing and the only thing I can think that is different is the local permissions.

At this point, I don’t think we can assist without actually working with you directly on this problem with a support engineer. Please escalate a case and we can look at it with you to try to spot the anomaly.