Issue with "restart pending" relevance on AIX

I have an issue with “pending restart”.

I’ve created a simple task with the two relevance statements:

Relevance 1 version of client >= “6.0”

Relevance 2 pending restart

which is similar to fixlet ID390. But as well , all my 419 AIX Systems are listed as “applicable” which is not what I assumed as the dont have all the status “pending restart”.

Do I have the wrong unterstanding of “pending restart” ?

I’ve created an analyse as well which is working fine.

Pending Restart on UNIX systems means an action that has indicated the action requires restart option has been performed. The client detects that this has happened and will flag the action when taken as “Pending Restart” until the system is restarted then mark the action as Completed.

Applicable means the fixlet is applicable and can have the action part taken against the endpoint. Does that help?

Thanks for your answer. I assumed that the relevance “pending restart” used in a fixlet would mark the fixlet as “not relevant” for a client who is waiting for a restart.

As far as I’ve tested, the fixlet is applicable and while taking the action it is marked as “not relevant”. This will be fine for me.

I think you may have it reversed.
Do you want the fixlet to become relevant only when the computer is pending a restart from some other action (like a task you want to execute to make the system restart), or do you want it to be relevant only when the machine is not pending a restart, or do you want to make it non-relevant if you are pending a restart from this specific fixlet ?

To make a Task to reboot clients that is relevant only when the system is pending a restart, you would include
pending restart
as one of the relevance clauses.

To make a Fixlet that is only relevant if the computer is not waiting to reboot from another fixlet (for instance to ensure the system has already rebooted and is in a “clean” state before attempting more changes), you’d use
not pending restart

To make a Fixlet that will only run once per reboot, become not relevant until the reboot happens, and potentially become relevant again, you can name the restart reason. In the ActionScript, you include
action requires restart "My Reboot Counter"
and in the Relevance, you’d use
not pending restart "My Reboot Counter"

What you’re observing in the log file is the Action becoming ‘Not Relevant’, which always happens after the action execution (regardless of success/failure and unrelated to the source fixlet relevance evaluation).

Thanks, that is what I’ve wanted. Works as expected.