Is there a way to test fixlets (i.e. a fixlet debugger) on *nix systems?

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I was looking to download a fixlet debugger for Red Hat so I can test my relevance statements before creating the actual fixlets… but it appears IBM only has fixlet debuggers for Windows… So, is there anything that exists for *nix systems?

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It is built into the *NIX agents. Take a look at /opt/BESClient/bin. In there you’ll find:

qna (text debugger)

xqna (graphical debugger)

Good luck!

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Awesome - I didn’t know that… Does that hold true for the Solaris agent too?

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Yes. It will be in the bin directory.

See here for more info including a recommended variable to set to make it work properly:

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Not to bring up old topics… but I’m just now getting to the point where I need to start debugging fixlets on *nix.

I followed the instructions located here: - I created the script and set the permissions… but whenever I attempt to run it, I get a the following message: LIBPATH=/opt/BESClient/bin: is not an identifier

Not sure what this message is trying to tell me…