Is it possible to actually get support on this site?

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Has any one here ever heard of “tutorial”

I urgently need to setup Relay affiliation and the documentation on here is very vague and there is no examples of any process. To someone who has to support a company with the tool is very hard. You call and all they say is well go to the website. Well I do and I have to say it sucks.

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Here is a BigFix KB article about relay affiliation:

Here are search results for “Relay affiliation” from the BigFix website:|kb|forum

If you are still having trouble with relay affiliation after searching through the site, you can post a question here and I’m sure someone will be able to help. How you configure relay affiliation largely depends on how your environment is structured, so it’s very helpful if you can explain in detail what you are trying to accomplish.

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Whereas I admit that the ‘relay affiliation’ description on our site wasn’t the greatest I wondered about this too, so I tried it.

At first mine wasn’t working so I talked with our advanced projects guru, describing how I interpreted He blessed everything I had done, so I looked further.

I used the ‘enable client debug log’ task on my endpoint that wasn’t properly associating and found that I had

network communication problems – the endpoint could not communicate with the relay. Once I corrected this problem, it worked smoothly, i.e.

  • I set the endpoints _BESClient_Register_Affiliation_SeekList setting to some string value (I chose Local as in the local subnet).
  • I set the relay’s _BESRelay_Register_Affiliation_AdvertisementList to the same string value
  • I made sure that the relay (alpha, in this case) had reported back to the server and that the endpoints had gotten the relay.dat file in the client’s actionsite folder (this means that the server has to propagate another actionsite i.e. any action – I actually checked the endpoint actionsite (c:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client__BESData\actionsite) and found the relay.dat, which had the name of my relay in it).
  • I then ran the 'run automatic relay selection task against the endpoints and they came back with the correct relay.



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Thanks for the details jpsthecelt, I’m wanting to recommend relay affiliation to someone and was preparing my docs. Thanks for posting your experiences… They’ll be helpful.