Invalid Action Script in MS14-021

(imported topic written by d.limanov)

Added all newly released MS14-021 fixlets to a baseline for the sake of simplification of deployment, however when I’m trying to take an action to deploy it, I get the following error:

There’s obviously a typo or something in one of the fixlets, but there are 60 of them and combing through each one is not a solution. Has anyone else seen this?


(imported comment written by Bill.Ehardt)

It’s ID1402187 -> IE10 For Windows 2012 (x64)

The prefetch should just be 1 line. I made a custom copy on my end until it is fixed.

(imported comment written by d.limanov)

Thanks Bill, that’s exactly it!

(imported comment written by BaiYunfei)

Thanks for reporting this issue! The content has been fixed and published, site: Patches for Windows (English), version 1977.