Installing an application via .CMD

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I am trying to create a task that will install an application that uses a .CMD to run a .MSI installation package. If I run the package locally via the .CMD it works. If i run a task that I created that opens the cmd /c and run the .CMD under the SYSTEM account, it works fine. But if I try to run the .CMD as a TASK in BigFix, it fails, but I get the results %100 completed (as account of the fact that it gets to the end of the TASK).

The .CMD is a file that has many variables, so it is necessary. I have tried inserting every line of the .CMD into the TASK, and running them as DOS, but this did not work either.

The part of my task that fails looks like this, the rest seems to work.

DOS cd \temp\NetBackup6.5\

DOS silentclient.cmd

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi William,

The problem with the action fragment you posted is that each dos window is launched independently for each command. So your change directory in the first command will open, launch, close, but it won’t affect the second command.

If you think this is the issue, move the “cd \temp\NetBackup6.5” inside the .cmd file OR make a quick batch script like this:

// make the batch file
appendfile cd \temp\NetBackup6.5
appendfile silentclient.cmd

// delete run.bat (to make sure it doesn’t already exist), rename the file to run.bat, and run the batch script.
delete run.bat
move __appendfile run.bat
waithidden cmd.exe /C run.bat

If that doesn’t fix your issue, you will need to post the rest of your action…