Install software on a path other than C via Software distribution


I’ve just created a software package and want to push it on an endpoint but the installation should be done on the drive other than C.
Can anyone help me out?

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Is it an MSI installer, or another type of installer?

You need to determine how the installer accepts the location of install on the command line. For an MSI I believe it is INSTALLDIR but for other installers it varies.


I’m new to software distribution. I’ve some sort of working on that and It seems that if there was a registry value that contained the path to the application, I could use an embedded relevance expression to look up the value then run it. Not sure if it is possible to install a software on a drive other than C.

You definitely can install software on a drive other than C.

It has nothing to do with the registry.

You would need to make a custom action that installs to a drive other than C using a command line parameter.

I don’t use SWD at all, so I have no clue how to do it in that context, I just know it can be done with a custom Fixlet/Task.

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