Inconsistent spaces between columns

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I am trying read a file data into analyis which has inconsistent spaces between column values. To be specific the columns are left indented and the values length is different for each row. I am able to get the first column into a property but finding it difficult for the second and last column


ABC 67 lkdkkjdfhfj

DGFKJKJ 1 kjjhgffdf

AB 9876 jkkjk

I am new to the forum , any help is appreciated.

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You can do this with regular expressions but it will vary with how the data is formatted. When there are spaces or missing columns, problems will occur. Here’s what I did in Fixlet Debugger - assuming you want to keep the columns together:

q: lines of file "C:\Users\jeremylam\Desktop\line_parsing.txt"
A: ABC 67 lkdkkjdfhfj
A: DGFKJKJ 1 kjjhgffdf
A: AB 9876 jkkjk
T: 0.341 ms
I: plural file line

q: ((parenthesized parts 1 of it, parenthesized parts 2 of it, parenthesized parts 3 of it) of matches (regex “^\s*([\w]+)\s+([\w]+)\s+([\w]+)”) of it) of (lines of file “C:\Users\jeremylam\Desktop\line_parsing.txt”)
A: ABC, 67, lkdkkjdfhfj
A: DGFKJKJ, 1, kjjhgffdf
A: AB, 9876, jkkjk
T: 0.498 ms
I: plural ( substring, substring, substring )

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Thanks Jeremy

this seems to work in debugger in my windows tem server. But on actual aix server if i run this, it returns nothing.

i have attached a few screenshots to understand the file content and the relevance results. The file has user ids and expiry details.

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In your second query you are missing the ending quotation mark for the file object:

lines of file "/tmp/expire.out)

should be

lines of file “/tmp/expire.out”)