Import list of server into a Manual Computer Group?

My customer is looking for a way to import a list of servers from a text file into a Manual Computer Group. I read somewhere that there was a wizard create for this but I cannot find it. It was not attached.

Does anyone know of the wizard or a method to import from a text file or or a list of servers (cut and paste) to a Manual Computer Group?

I would just take a blank action on the list that you paste into the targets, then select them all after the action is running, then right click and add them to a manual group. I am unfamiliar with the wizard. Also, I think you will be shunned upon for using a manual group :slight_smile: , but I have used some in the past for very particular reasons as well.

I wouldn’t recommend using manual groups at all.

You can create an automatic group that would contain computers with the hostname or IP or MAC address or serial number or any combination of them that you like.

You can basically get an automatic group to work like a manual group, but it is much better overall for many reasons.

You can create and adjust automatic groups using the REST API or other methods, including the UI of the console.