ILMT/Bigfix reporting from Accept to PRO

Is it possible when you have two environments like one for accept and one for pro that the accept clients also connect to the production environment for ilmt

So that the ilmt info from an accept client is in the Accept environment AND the production environment

Alex Kenis

A single BigFix client can report to only one BigFix server. A single instance of ILMT can collect data from multiple BigFix Servers (Data sources). Check the following link to see if this helps with your case.


If we have an acc bigfix and an acc ilmt that gets the data from the acc bigfix. Will it be possible that our pro ilmt collects that data again as an extra datasource from the acc bigfix? or can an bigfix anly be gathered from one ilmt?

We want that our acc clients are also in our production ILMT to have a full reporting.


It’s possible to have one ILMT server collect from different BigFix data sources (in this case pro ILMT collecting data from pro bigfix and acc Bigfix).
This will need some careful planning and testing as some configurations such as VM Manager connections etc need to be reviewed.