ID'ing a Tivoli Server

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I need to find a way to ID a server that has Tivoli management components installed. A service name would work best, but registry location would as well. Right now I just need Tivoli installed on Windows, but if anyone knows a process name for UNIX-based installs that would be great.

How can I ID a server that has the following installed (server side management components, meaning a service or reg location a Tivoli client would not have):

Tivoli Management Framework

Tivoli Monitoring

Tivoli NetView (both AOC and AON)

Tivoli Storage Manager


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If you know the service name you can use:

exists service “…”


exists service “BESClient”

Or you can query by display name, for example (I don’t have those Tivoli services installed, so you’ll have to input the exact display name):

exists service whose (display name of it = “Tivoli Management Framework”)

exists service whose (display name of it = “BES Client”)