IBM BigFix Patch: Content Modification: Patches for Mac OS X (v411) published 2017-11-30

Content in Patches for Mac OS X site has been modified.

New/Updated Fixlet:
Security Update 2017-001 (macOS High Sierra 10.13) (ID: 10130003)
Security Update 2017-001 (macOS High Sierra 10.13.1) (ID: 10130004)

Published site version:
Patches for Mac OS X, version 411.

Reasons for Update:
Apple released a Security Update

Actions to Take:
Gathering of the site will automatically show the updates made.

Application Engineering Team
IBM BigFix

A reboot is not required if I were to install this patch through Apple’s Software Update, not using BigFix. Do these fixlets really require a reboot?

Given that Apple has revised and reissued the patch, I believe the relevance for 10130004 should now be:

not exists file ("/Library/Receipts/InstallHistory.plist") whose (exists line whose (it contains "") of it)

Systems running 10.13.1 which had already received 17B1002 are receiving the revised patch as well.

Hi atlauren

On the time we released the fixlets(site version 411), Apple haven’t updated the download link for Security Update 2017-001 for 10.13.1 yet.

Anyway, i’ve modified the action 1 so that it now uses the latest package.(site version 412) and will updated to 17B1003 directly.

Thanks for pointing out this issue!


Hi there

You are right, this supplemental update does not require restart, i’ve remove this requirement in the latest release(site version 412).

Glad to have helped. I appreciate the content team’s speedy response. :smiley: