Ibm Bigfix 10 when will be support for running the server on Red Hat Linux 8?

When will Bigfix 10 Server be supported on RHEL 8?

Support for HCL BigFix Server on RHEL 8 x86-64 is planned with 10.0.2, which is targeted for release by end of month.

Thx cristiano!!! That helps us a lot

The current 10.0.1 and 9.5.17 agents will support RHEL 8.

I know but it is for the server that we need it, for agents we have allready in place

Hi Cristiano,

I read that the version is available but in the release notes I can’t see that RHEL 8 is now supported for the bigfix server can you let me know if it is supported or not?

Alex Kenis

Hi Alex,
It is a problem of page refresh into the browser, in fact at this link BigFix v10.0.2 you can see that the BigFix server is downloadable for RHEL 7 and 8.