How to script a series of patching actions?

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a section of our company has been stuck on IE 6 for some time and finally the web app will work with newer versions. Here’s my delima, if I use the IE upgrade in big fix, the PC then shows up with a series of patches some of which are corrupt patches.

Is there a method to in one action

  1. Ie upgrade

  2. reboot

  3. Install group of patches

  4. reboot

  5. Install corrupt patch again

  6. reboot

7 Install more corrupt patches again

  1. reboot

I’d like to have this put together in a fairly tight maintenance window, how could we automate this?

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if you really need to do the corrupted patch sets in groups? We had a baseline setup to run a task and since it was a custom task, we were able to insert a reboot command into the task. you can probably do the same with the power mgmt reboot computer task.

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You might try removing the “pending restart” relevance from the corrupt patch Fixlets and running them sequentially and then rebooting only once…


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Hi Ben,

The question is how to script a series of actions and not have them be time dependant. In the case I outlined above, installing IE 7 and rebooting makes one set of patches relevant, rebooting after those patches makes another set of patches relevant. With a tight change window, I’d rather not guess at how long it will take to run an install and reboot before timing for start of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th actions.

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the steps to be taken are constrained by the reality of needing to apply and detect the patches in that order. However, it is possible to make those steps be a bit more friendly. I’d consider pushing the agent CPU usage to max and putting the reboots into the chain as your own actions, then dropping CPU back to normal at the end.