How to make custom reports


We work with BIGFIX + ILMT + DB2 only to control IBM licensing.

We try to use SUA (we think that was the name of the web console to take the reports), but we are not happy with the reports.

For example, if we want take a reports for all host that have the IBM product IBM Workload Scheduler for Applications, we have to go:

Report IBM PVU Sub capacity -> choose the product -> a new report is made (with the server, processor, CPU core metrics and pvu metrics) -> Then we have to choose a server (and once again the application build a new report with the hosts that are related with that server). We have to do that for each server, and the there is no relation between the server and the hosts.

So we look around and decided connect direct to database.

We read on this forum the advices that schema change, and others things, but our goal is not connect the database in real time to any kind of program, we only look a way to build our reports automatic, with the fields we need, and export it to excel.

So, after connect we find 3 db2 databases, and we think the databases are related with the 3 applications -> WEBREPORTS (DB2-BESREPORT), BIGFIX (DB2-BFENT) and SUA (DB2-SUADB).

Since, there is a process that import the data, from BIGFIX to SUA, we believe that all the information we need are in the DB2-SUADB, but some guidelines are welcome.

For example, in the table DB2-SUADB - AGGR_NODE_DETAILS_PVU_FULL – we have the product ID, and we try to find the related table with the product name, but we can’t find it (we look in the 3 databases).

Anyone can give us a hand in this subject?

Thanks in advance.