How to escape special characters in SOAP Session Relevance

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Hello again forum users,

I’m wondering if someone could shed some light on the proper method of escaping a special character in session relevance to be passed through to the SOAP api.

I have a query similar to the following, that I can’t get an answer for from the soap api in the relevance editor.

(ids of it, names of it, names of site of it) of (relevant fixlets whose

(name of it contains “My Fixlet”) of

bes computers whose (name of it as lowercase is “someone’s poorly named hostname with a single quote” ))

I tried to URL encode the target hostname so that the " ’ " was replaces with a %27, i tried a few other things as suggested in some other posts with no results.

What’s the proper method to match on hostnames that have weird characters in them? (this is pretty common on MAC OS)