How to enable the MDM for Android Devices using the TEM 8.2 trail version

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I need to test the TEM MDM only with Android devices…

I had installed the TEM 8.2, but there is nothing for MDM, how to enable this feature using the trial version?

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From our licensing expert regarding your TEM 8.2 trial version:

If you installed using the Evaluation (30 days, 30 seats) mode then you should see the MDM site IF you were connected to the internet at the time of installation.

If you installed using an authorization file, but your license did not have MDM on it at the start, then you can have MDM added to your license.

Once you have the MDM site enabled, you should be able to see fixlets/wizards in the MDM Domain etc. Since you only want to test the Android devices, you can just go to the “Setup and Configuration Wizard” and complete the first two steps under “Configure Authenticated Enrollment for Apple iOS/Android” section:

More general details on how to install/enable MDM could be found here: