How To Enable / Disable Data Roaming under iOS

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Deploying iPhone and iPad Mobile Device Management (PDF File - on Page 5 advises that you can can Enable / Disable Data Roaming. - currently has no entries for data roaming listed.

Recently at Sydney Pulse we were advised this should be possible under TEM MDM. However, I have not able to find out where it is located.

Does any know where this function is located or how it can be disabled / enabled. Currently I am unable to find it under Restrictions or any other Profile Options under the iOS Profile Configuration.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Todd,

You can see it in the “Management Commands” (either the note in the domain tree or in the Single Device View).

Note that it will only be relevant if the device/carrier support this function on the device…


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Thanks Ben,

The Carrier that we checked the option against is on a post paid service which may not support this option. We found it when we checked a non-post paid carrier and in the Management Commands after we connected a iPhone with this service ability.

Thank you again for your quick reply…


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I hope you enjoyed Pulse in Sydney. Also see my blog where I expanded on the IEM for MDM setup instructions -