How to add Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group In the New Console

we have a secondary Server and we need to add Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group (v1.6) in the Web report, please suggest how to add this option to get the compliance report through the web

Is the question how to install/leverage the ‘Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group’ report? If so, please see the following and let us know if you have any additional questions:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Interactive%20Fixlet%20Compliance%20by%20Computer%20Group%20Report

Hey Aram, Thanks for your input, have made it added by editing in the registery

Hi Aram,

I have done all the steps and it is showing the compliance report. please find the screenshot.

but when I am generating the report by pressing Excel,it is saved but it is not opening.

My concern is saved excel report is not opening, is there any particular application I have to use to open that report.

Can someone share how to install/leverage the ‘Fixlet Compliance by Computer Group’ report. I can not open the link shared by @Aram

Try this one

Thanks @JasonWalker

I am using the latest version and new to it, and I could not find the import button.

Between, what i am looking for is to list by AD groups(more than 50 groups) to a baseline or overall patch compliance.

The import button can be added by updating a registry key

See for the screenshot of the specific key. This worked for me

Thanks @JasonWalker and @lltc

I was able to run the report.

It lists by computers, how can I list by Active Directory groups instead of per computer.

Hi Aram,

Please help me if there is any way we can add column of country and site-code in the report.