HOW TO: Action lock exemptions?

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In the IEM Admin tool, under the Edit Masthead button, there is an option for

Action lock exemptions: [ ] Exempt the following site URL from action locking:

I’ve looked at this before but never had the desire/nerve to use it. I now have the CISO ‘asking’ for the ability to have a patch pushed to EVERY machine in the event of an Emergency (as yet undefined!). We have a fair number of ‘Locked’ computers, and he wants these included, but unlocking them would be problematic at best. Hence the Action Lock Exemption option came to mind.

If I create a Custom Site (ie: “CISO Emergency”) for this purpose, how/where can I get it’s URL to include in the masthead? Can I only specify
URL? The idea presumably would be to Copy any Fixlet/Task that needed to be deployed to this site and the action taken from there.

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Would the URL be something like this?


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I did some more searching and found …

not sure if the problem still exists. Ben mentioned a Dev edition that they were testing with where it worked, but I still can’t get it working with 9.0.


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Recommendations are for EfficientMIME to be enabled.

Also found …

Testing so far is not producing a fixlet that will by pass a lock on a test computer.