How does Bigfix get the number of baseline "applicable" computers?


I have these baselines in bigfix:

They all have relevance “true”:

How does Bigfix get the “122” which is the number of Windows 2012R2 servers we have in Bigfix? And how can I get it through webreports / api?

I need this because the “remediated computers” number seems to be unreliable for older baselines.

With regard to the number of ‘remediated computers’ for a given Fixlet (or baseline) in Web Reports, it is based on the Fixlet first being identified as relevant by the given endpoint, then subsequently no longer relevant. As such, there are multiple factors to consider, including how recently the devices in question have reported in.

That said, with regard to your question, the ‘122’ number above generally comes from how many machines are subscribed to the site containing the content element (in the case above, how many computers are subscribed to the Windows Server 2012 R2 Updates site). Here’s a sample session relevance that will return this value:

number of subscribed computers of bes custom sites whose (name of it = "Windows Server 2012 R2 Updates")

This session relevance can be evaluated through the REST API via the /api/query resource, or through the SOAP API.

Thank you very much, that should exactly be enough to solve my problem!

To expand on your point about “older baselines” showing a lower Remediated count, that is actually quite common.

Consider the case where the OS Image that your team is deploying has been updated to include older patches. Machines deployed with the updated image might never be Applicable to the older baseline, and thus would never show Remediated for that baseline.

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