How do I get the the hostname associated with a username

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I am very new to Relevance.

I was able to extract the username given a hostname like so…

(values of it) of results from (bes computers) whose (name of computers of it = “hostname” ) of (bes properties whose ((name of it = “User Name”)))";

How do I do the reverse? IE given a username give me the host.

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There are many forms.

Here is one example.

names of computers of results (
bes computers,
bes property whose (name of it = “User Name” and default flag of it)
) whose (value of it as lowercase contains “leewei”)

Note that be careful to identify the “User Name” property correctly. In this example, I use “default flag of it” to ensure that the User Name property that comes from the system is the one filtered.

One important and useful note about Relevance is that the “whose” clause always applies to the object right before it.

So there is one whose to filter “bes property”, and the other whose applies to the “BES Property Results” object. So you can use Whose clauses anywhere, which can make writing Relevance more productive.

Lee Wei

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You sir, are a god among men