How can I execute all Microsoft Hotfixes with "Source Severity" set to Critical automatically?

With WSUS is possible to install automatically all the Microsoft Hotfixes with Source Severity set to Critical. Is it possible to do this with IEM ?

When Microsoft categorizes the severity on their KB articles, the BigFix team that manages the “Enterprise Security” site will include that as a tag so you can search for only “Critical” or other severities.

But when you say “automatically”, do you mean that when it pops up as relevant, it automatically pushes that critical patch out? In that case, no because that sounds like a really bad idea in terms of servers rebooting on their own without warning.

Each action sent from IEM must be defined and approved by whoever creates the action. That includes action settings and content so the content must be turned into an action before it is sent to the endpoints to run.

Hi Jimmy, thanks for you response. But it’s really hard to change their minds to a Customer who is used to working in a certain way with WSUS.
I understand that the product works in a certain way, but I was wondering if it is possible to automate (via script?) sending Critical Hotfix.

It would be possible to collect all relevant critical patches using a session relevance query and then push them out to all client systems. This all could be done using the REST API.