How can I bring systems out of Stand-by mode?

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We want to cut PC power usage by placing systems in Stand-by at night and weekends, but then, before work hours, revive them into ready state with the screens off. We’d like to leave them in Stand-by coming into the work hours, but customers get confused between the off state and stand-by and start doing strange things with the power buttons. So here are the questions:

  1. It looks like a scheduled task can revive a machine at a scheduled time, but there is no way to “deploy” a scheduled task universally. Any ideas on how to deploy a scheduled task?

  2. It looks like WakeOnLan will only work for a “Stand-by” machine if the “Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby” flag is set in the Power Management tab for the NIC card.

A) Is this an accurate understanding,

B) Is there any way in BigFix to set the “Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby” flag, and

C) why do people say this might cause laptops to wake-up unexpectedly (since Stand-by disables the TCP/IP connection). Is the issue the possible receipt of a WakeOnLan packet via a wireless WAN or LAN? That packet wouldn’t be coming from us…

  1. Whose Power Settings rule when multiple people use the machine and they have different settings?

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Hey Britt,

These are good power management questions… First, do you have our BigFix Power Management solution that will help you with all this?

  1. Scheduled wake-up from Standby: This is something we are planning on release in a new revision of our Power Management site. Contact us and I can send you a BETA of this.

  2. Standby questions:

A. Yes.

B. Yes. We have a Task that we are going to release in our Power Management site soon. Contact us and I can send you a BETA of this.

C. If you don’t check the “only allow management stations to bring the computer out of standby” box, your computer can wake up on any packet (because it will keep its IP address for a little while when it is in standby) and if you check that box then only wake-on-lan packets will wake the systems.

  1. Power settings: Every time a person logs in, the computer will start to use those power settings. The last person to login will control the power settings.


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Ben , I am interested in the Beta scheduled wake-up from standby for Albany County. Would be nice if you can schedule from a powered off PC too …


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Hey folks,

See here: