Historical Power state reports

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I’m having an issue getting the reports to work for Power management. When I click Save Historical data on the power management dashboard it says it is saved but I get the following when i click on the link in web reports …

“No Power Tracking Data has been found. Please use the Power Tracking dashboard to store historical power information.”

It says it is saved but there is no data.

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Hi jpeppers,

This is probably because web reports has not refreshed its cache since power tracking data was stored.

By default, web reports will update its cache every 20 min, but you can force a refresh by logging into web reports, selecting the “Database” tab and hitting the “Refresh Cache” button.

Let me know if the problem still persists.


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Still no go.

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I am not sure we can find the issue unless we take a closer look into the details to try to figure out what is wrong. Can you please start a support ticket to start the process?