Help With Hardware/OS Migration

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Hi All,

I’ve been told by our Windows support team that we need to upgrade the TEM 8.1 Server OS from Win2003 to Win2008. This will also include a hardware refresh too.

I’m struggling to find any documentation for this scenario - can anyone point me to anything that will give me a step by step quide?

Has anybody else here had to do the same thing and can give me a few tips / gotcha’s?

Does anyone know if I can run TEM on two different OS levels in a DSA configuration, migrate the clients from the current primary to the new, and then ‘pull the plug’ on the current?

Thanks for any help / advice you can give me.


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I’ve found a few more articles on the forum that seem to fit but they are all quite old now. There is one, from 2006/7, that looks very useful but I’m not sure what versions of OS and/or BF the doc relates to - but would the process still be the same?

There is also mention of a KB article -

  • but this just returns a blank page. Has it been moved into the IBM Developerworks pages? If so, any idea where I can find it?



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Our KB backend from the BigFix days terminated the service before we completed the KB transition… We are working on restoring it…

Sorry… they are working on it…


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Thanks Ben.