Get script execution output via API

Hi All,
Overall intention of this solution is to trigger action via rest API from Orchestration tool and get the action output and pass it to ticketing tool for ticket closure.

While running any command/script from action tab in Task/Fixlet, Action provides Overall status of Task/Fixlet (in-progress, success, failure) But it doesn’t provide the output of cmd command/script executed via Task/Fixlet. To get cmd command/script output we used redirect the output in some log file from there get the output via property/analysis.

Analysis/property is capable of reading log file & provides log file content but there is no way to check whether it holds latest file content or earlier one and also there is no way to instruct analysis to fetch latest output from log file until force refresh command used.

to overcome the above issue we are using archive now functionality to upload the log from target machine to BES server then run power shell script via task for BES server to move that file from specific computer id folder in UploadManagerData to Orchestration tool for further flow.

My concern here is - does it recommended to trigger action for BES server itself in multiple times that means more than 100 actions in same row ? will it affect overall BES server functionality?


There is an action script command:

notify client ForceRefresh

That you could add to the end of your fixlet.

You could also have make an analysis with two properties, one that is the return information and one is the modification date of the file containing the return information.

I’d imagine you could just have your orchestration tool check the modification time property and if it’s newer than the end time of the action then the return information is from that action and you can pass it to you orchestration tool?

Thanks strawgate for your valuable suggestion , i will try this method and get back to you if required.

Note that if you used this actionscript command on all your endpoints in a large enough deployment you may not get control back from the deployment for a while as this forces the client to send a full report to the server and thus the infrastructure will have to recover from that.

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Hi Alan, you mean to say here, its not recommended to run client force refresh command for larger endpoints, will be it okay to target 10 or 20 endpoints in one go ?