FYI: Broken Mac Inspector

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I’d file a bug on this but I’m heading out on vacation for the next week…

The “build number of operating system” inspector on the 9.0.649.0 Mac Client is returning an integer where previous versions returned a string. It’s documented as a string on the BigFix Inspectors web reference. We just checked this in the 8.2.1364.0 Mac client where it works as expected.

OS X build numbers have to be strings because they include letters. They are not numeric versions. This is breaking our custom fixlets which are checking build numbers in relevance.

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I’m seeing the same thing.

OS X reports the Build of my MacBook Pro to be “11E53”, but TEM reports it as “4”.

RFE filed, see forum thread:

I think we got the response back from IBM that they weren’t going to change this to keep the build number behavior the same as the Windows inspector or something like that.

We added this property to our Macs:

string “ProductBuildVersion” of dictionary of file “/System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist”

Its actually should be already there ( RFE 45420 )

The build number of operating system inspector was made to be the same as every other platform behaves so we intend on adding it back under a more unique name for the Mac

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