Following 9.2.3 upgrade, Clients not executing Actions that are dynamically targeted

Actions that I target to Groups or typed computer list seem to be working, but Actions targetted dynamically by Group or dynamically to “All Computers” are not reporting back, following upgrading the Server to 9.2.3.

I’ve just begun to investigate and if I don’t find anything shortly I’ll open a PMR, but has anyone seen this?

I would recommend opening a PMR for this issue. It indicates that the opsite of the operator deploying the action is not propagating for some reason. Actions targeted dynamically (2nd radio button) are propagated to the opsite of the operator so that all computers managed by that operator receive it and evaluate it. Actions targeted by selection or by name (1st or 3rd radio buttons) are propagated to the mailbox sites of those specific clients, so the mailbox sites are apparently propagating correctly. The support team can guide you through a targeted reset of the appropriate opsite.