Fixlets for Java 111 & 112 for windows?

Is there any news of a release for the Windows version 8u111 and 8u112 of Java fixlets ?

We are curious about that as well. Java nags our end users each time a Java app loads and Java is not at current version.

Can you disable Java upgrade prompts?

but that still doesn’t help the fact that Java has been released for several days officially, the mac fixlets are available, windows aren’t and our machines remain unpatched and subject to vulnerabilities :wink:

Sorry, that response was to David who implied that they wanted to patch Java because they found the update prompts annoying.

If you are worried about Java vulnerabilities in your org, I would just roll my own Java patch fixlets. Only takes a few minutes to make/test.

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Yes, jhickok we have done that.

I’ve deployed the JRE - Disable Java Update Tasks. This disables via the windows registry EnableJavaUpdate and EnableAutoUpdateCheck. Result is no update nag popping in the the system notification area.

Even when those settings are disabled, when users “encounter a page that includes a Java application and your version of Java is considered out of date, the Java Update Needed message will be shown.”

Your question has me looking into this. It appears this behavior can be controlled via the file. I am looking for the variables that need be set there.

You could ask your users to be sure to select “Do not ask again…” before they click “Later” but if they are like mine it’s better to prevent them from being presented the dialog box altogether. I am looking into those properties to see if I can control it from there.

I just made custom copies of the JRE8u101 and 102 fixlets and edited them for the correct relevance, sha1, size and sha256 values.
Seems to be working till the official versions are released.

Well… I have a theory. I don’t think IBM is going to notice automatically.
It looks like oracle is blocking curl now (wget works) so my automated scripts that pull down the private java7 and 6 update info are not working.

IBM, please fix!

Hi all, sorry to keep you waiting! The Fixlets for Java 111 & 112 have just been released to Updates for Windows Applications, version 974.

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