Fixlet target on group not in MA site

I sort of have 2 questions/issue here.

I have some automatic group in a custom site.

  1. When I try to create some content to target that group, my site groups don’t show up.
  2. When I try to create a nested group (in group X but not in group Y), again, the groups don’t show up in the GUI interface.

It appears that I can only use MA groups in my relevance or targeting.

I tried to grab the relevance of an automatic group in MA, and just sub in the group number of my test site group:

exists true whose (if true then (member of group 53333 of site "actionsite") else false)

However that always comes back false even though I see the device in the console in that group. Thoughts?

If your Groups exist in the Custom Site, then the Computers need to be a member of the site to evaluate membership in the group. You can try something like …

(exists true whose (if true then (member of group 33333 of site "CustomSite_YourCustomSiteName") else false))

The device is most definitely a member of the site.

Any other ideas? I haven’t found a good way to use groups in custom sites.

Source Automatic group
Type Automatic
Group ID 00-53333
Site BES Servers

QNA tool results
Q: exists true whose (if true then (member of group 53333 of site “BES Servers”) else false)
A: False

…and looking in the console, the client most defiantly in the custom site and the group 53333

Custom site and automatic group with 1 computer subscribed to the group.

Q: member of group 275 of site whose (name of it is "My Custom Site")

A: True
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Well, I’m not quite sure what I’m doing wrong then. BES version

Q: member of group 53333 of site whose (name of it is "BES Servers")
E: The expression could not be evaluated: 25InspectorSiteContextError

Use the Local Client Evaluator option. Debug->Evaluate Using->Local Client Evaluator

know if there is a way to do that on the linux version? /opt/BESClient/bin/qna

Actually, that was the answer. I just put it in the console and it did the trick. Just need to figure out the Local Client Elevator for Linux. :wink:

Now, part 2 of this question. If I want to use this new found group, I don’t see the ability to target with it. When I “Take Action” on a fixlet in the custom site, Target: “Dynamically target by property” > All computers > Group By… I don’t see my group

Any more information on the nature of the operator doing the targeting and what operator’s created the site and the group ?

I created the custom site and automatic group as a MO.
Then gave a NMO rights to the custom site.
For both these users the group’s in the take action dialog under By Group.

This is also the case when the NMO doesn’t have any admin rights over any of the computers in the automatic group.

Well, I am a MO. So I should be able to see everything. Here’s the group

then the targeting I don’t see “Relay Setup”. Only the ones I was playing with under the MO site.

You shouldn’t need to specify the site in the relevance. This usually works better:

members of groups 53333 of sites

Actually figured out the targeting thing. I didn’t see it was at the top. " [site] : [group name] "

@jgstew thanks for the hint.
@gearoid Thanks for all your help as well.