Fixlet ID 450699001 - KB4506990 for Windows 10 (x64) 1809 appears to have incorrect relevance

This fixlet is showing applicable on over 8000 of our Windows 10 1809 workstations. When we attempted to pilot it to 8 pilot machines all 8 failed this update. Every machine showed an error in the setup log that stated the update is not applicable to the machine.

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I concur. We have this in our baseline going out to early adapters and they are returning as failed.

@stanleyc, we’ve identified the issue with the fixlet and have resolved it in our test environment. The update will be coming out today.

@stanleyc @AlexaVonTess

An updated fixlet was released in Patches for Windows version 3333 which hopefully helps.

What was fixed or changed? This update is still applicable on the machines that it failed to install on yesterday. I checked one of the machines. It does not have .net 4.8 on it per the registry keys. Relevance 6 is looking for .net 3.5 OR 4.8. Should this be an and? We have 3.5 and 4.7 on some machines and just 4.7 on others.

Our patches for windows site is showing 3,333

@stanleyc, The .NET rollup package version was previously incorrrect. But it seems that there is another issue. The team is looking further into it. Probably don’t want to ‘and’ since that would prevent the fixlet from becoming relevant on systems that had 4.8 but not 3.5.

@bma You are right about the and. I created a copy of the fixlet, editing relevance 6 to only look for the 4.8 full key, and 9350 applicable workstations changed to 2. I am sitting in a holding pattern on this update until Big Fix releases a version that looks right.

@stanleyc, another release for the fixlet in Patches for Windows, version 3334. How’s it looking now?