Filter VM Plugin objects in reports

I have the VM Management Extender set up in my environment. And that adds additional objects of the same name in the computer view, they just look a little different. Does anyone know of any way to filter out the VM Plug in objects in Web Reports?

Use the Reserved Property called Agent Type. If you don’t see it in your environment, the Relevance is:

if exists true whose (if true then in proxy agent context else false) then "Proxy - " & data source else "Native".

Alternately, you could create a custom property using the following Relevance:

in proxy agent context

If this is false, then you have a computer running the native client.

In Web Reports, include a condition that tests for the property you have. For example,

Agent Type does not contain Proxy

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much. That worked.

It helped too much. It took care of my problem but also removed my appliances and ESX servers because the agent type for the ESX servers and the Appliances all include Proxy - ESXi CLI APIs. Any other ideas on how to keep my ESX servers and appliances?

Which approach did you use?

You might be able to use the property Device Type:

I see the following two ESXi Device Types:

  • ESXi Hypervisor Virtual Machine
  • ESXi Hypervisor

See if the following Web Reports filter gives you the results you’re looking for:

device type does not contain Virtual Machine

In Web Reports, I used include a condition that tests for the property you have.

Agent Type does not contain Proxy

Unfortunately, My ESX server show up as the ESXi Hypervisor and the appliances show up as ESXi Hypervisor Virtual Machine

For now, BigFix can’t differentiate between a VM and an Appliance.

An approach that will work, is to apply a Computer Setting to the duplicate VMs - something like “Duplicate Computer Object” = “Yes” . This will create a new Property of the same name that can then be used in Web Reports, allowing you to exclude them.

Admittedly, this is a manual approach, and one that you will have to maintain as new VMs come online.

Appreciate it. Thanks