Export to CSV option in Web Reporting Tools

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I am having few console operator computers having problem when click on the hyperlink in our web reporting tools.

For example, when we click on ‘Export to CSV’, a File Download - Security Warning window will pop. There are 3 options, open, save or cancel.

Some of the computers when click open, I will have a nice result display in excel format with rows and columns, every result fields separated by columns accordingly. However, some of my operators having all fields in 1 column (column A) in different rows.

I suspect some setting problem in Microsoft Excel or maybe IE. All of us are using MS Excel 2003. Does anyone have this problem before?



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Make sure you are saving as ASCII. If you save in a UTF-8 or other format Excel doesn’t know how to import it as CSV.

Try opening one of the files that doesn’t work, save it as a new file with notepad, and open the new file. I bet it will work.