Export import of software package

i am getting error while importing package from dev to prod environment

OS : windows
exported Bigfix version: 9.2.3

imported Bigfix version: 9.5.2

[Wed Nov 9 12:08:25 2016] SWD Download Plugin v1.3.1
[Wed Nov 9 12:08:25 2016] Please make sure you have the latest version of this utility.
[Wed Nov 9 12:08:25 2016] ERROR: Download for SWDProtocol:// failed: Setup failed: SHA1 directory does not exist: ‘E:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Server\wwwrootbes\Uploads/1E2B0D157FD6746CDFA7C649315835688878DB5B’

The import feature does not use the SWD Download Plugin. You should validate if that folder exist on the BES Server because it seems like it’s not.

Normally, if exports or imports fail, it will let you know. You can check SWD export and import logs can be found in the the BES Console’s machine, under: %TEMP%\SoftwareDistributionLogs.

I did not see logs at the mentioned location.

Well, it’s in the %TEMP% directory so it might have cleared out by the time you checked or the user might not have permission to write to the %TEMP%. You should check immediately after exporting and importing.

At the very least, you can also validate an export by opening the zip file and see if the files and Fixlets exist inside.

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Yes, i found that folder once i run the package again. However i have opened PMR with IBM for this issue.