Evaluate Time Interval Four Ways for Qualitative Analysis

Hello. I am looking to create an analysis that will evaluate a time interval (average evaluation cycle) and return a value instead of the time. Here is what I have right now, but I know there must be a way to use “it” instead of calling the average evaluation cycle each time I need to compare it.

I am okay with switching it to an integer instead of time interval, if someone knows of a way to do this efficiently with integers.

 if (average duration of evaluationcycle of client < "00:14:30" as time interval ) 
     (average duration of evaluationcycle of client < "00:06:30" as time interval)
     "PASS: Optimized" 
       ( average duration of evaluationcycle of client < "00:12:45" as time interval)
       "PASS: Acceptable" 
       "WARNING: Inefficient" 

Don’t have a client in front of me, but I the logic should work -

q: (if (it > 0 ) then (if (it = 3) then “three” else " not three") else “sub-zero”) of (-1 ; 3; 5)
A: sub-zero
A: three
A: not three
T: 0.043 ms
I: plural string

So you should be able to do

( if (it < “00:14:30” as time interval) then if (it < “00:06:30” as time interval) then “PASS: Optimized” else if (it < “00:12:45” as time interval) then “PASS: Acceptable” else “WARNING: Inefficient” else “FAIL”) of average duration of evaluationcycle of client

That’s it Jason!

While the analysis only calls the “average duration of evaluationcycle of client” one time now, it is not improving the speed of the analysis as I hoped it would have. However, since it should in theory I’m happy!

Thank you!

Hi Chris,

Thats a great idea . We have a large environment of 20000 endpoints. they are spread throught UK and the endpoints are retail chain stores. There are 3000 stores and are connected via ADSL lines of different bandwidth depending upon the location .
does this script will take the bandwidth also into consideration ? what time is considered as an aceptable evaluation time in IEM currenlty according to you for version 8.2 .


My understanding of the EvaluationCycle is that it covers the time it takes to go from" Work List Item 1", work through “Item x” and return back to “Item 1” so I doubt it takes the available bandwidth into account.

Tim is right, this should only be for how long it takes the client to evaluate the relevance already downloaded.