Error with Number of Processors on Win2k3 EE x64

(imported topic written by Bill.Ehardt)

Noticed an issue with the client reporting the proper number of processors on a Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition x64 server. We have 8x6core CPUs, and the OS is correctly seeing 48 cores, but the client is only reporting 32, which would be true if it was windows 2003 Standard (32bit).

Is this to be expected?

q: brand string of main processor A: Six-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 8439 SE T: 0.080 ms   q: Physical Processor Count A: 8 T: 0.060 ms   q: Logical Processor Count A: 6 T: 0.062 ms   q: Hyperthreading Enabled A: False T: 0.058 ms     q: total processor core count A: 48 T: 0.063 ms   q: number of processors A: 32 T: 0.150 ms