Error Message: : WARNING: Conflict with Internet IE7

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Is anyone else having this problem? We have downloaded IE7, we can not correct / view fixlet message other than this string:

Subject: WARNING: Conflict with Internet Explorer 7

X-Relevant-When: not exists site whose (name of it as string as lowercase contains “emachines” OR name of it as string as lowercase contains “gateway” OR (name of it as string as lowercase contains “fixlet” AND name of it as string as lowercase contains “central”))

X-Relevant-When: (name of operating system = “WinXP” and csd version of operating system >= “Service Pack 2”) OR (name of operating system = “Win2003”) OR (name of operating system = “WinXP-2003”) OR (name of operating system = “Unknown” AND exists keys “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion” whose (value “ProductName” of it=“Microsoft Windows Server 2003” OR value “ProductName” of it=“Microsoft Windows XP”) of registry) OR (major version of operating system >= 6)

X-Relevant-When: exists file “PSAPI.DLL” of parent folder of regapp “bigfix.exe”

X-Relevant-When: (exists file “taskkill.exe” of it or exists file “tskill.exe” of it) of system folder

X-Fixlet-ID: 7

Content-Type: multipart/related; boundary=“F7”

Contacted BigFix, no response as of yet.

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Hi, you have posted a questions to the BigFix forum for our Enterprise product. Questions on the consumer agent will not be responded to here.

Please goto to report a problem with our consumer agent.

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As Richard mentions, this forum is for the BigFix Enterprise Suite product. You can find information about the BigFix Consumer Edition product at the following location: . There you will find troubleshooting tips and FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and other information that can help you solve problems. In particular the following article may be of assistance to you:

Again, for further assistance, please refer to the following website for additional information and troubleshooting tips: