Dual Window Check property

Hi , form past 20 days i am trying to know wheather a client having 2 windows are inststalled on a system on not. Anyone know anout it please help me.


When you say 2 windows installed, what do you mean? Can you explain a little bit more?


I believe this is referring to dual-boot systems. @rizwansoc, please advise if I’m incorrect.

As I’m sure you’re aware, the BESAgent runs after the host OS (i.e. AIX, Linux, Mac OSX, Windows) has started.

With that said, have you looked into the grub and/or windows inspectors?

Means multi-booting , we have some users in our environment that installed two windows on a system actually i want to restrict them … i have also created a Relevance Expression that checks number of windows and Program files Folder in a drive, if the count is greater then one and if also present in other directories then it show the results, but in this scenario my statement is also true if a user have more than one folders named Windows and Program Files in same directory. But in actual i want to extract the boot information that tells about multi booting

Yes, i know about it and i am specifically talked about Windows OS and i know if a system having two windows installed means multi booting then the running window also have information about the other window. like if we run msconfig command. i want to get this information from client.