Does BFI really require Master Operator?

Just wanted to check whether BigFix Inventory really requires Master Operator, or whether we can assign its operator rights something less?

If you do not want to provide the Master Operator, you can create a dedicated BigFix user that fulfills the following requirements:
Is assigned the IBM BigFix Inventory v9 site
Is assigned computers that you are going to monitor, and the computer where the BigFix server is installed
Has the following permissions: Can use REST API, Can use Console, Custom Content, Can Create Actions
The option is supported starting from BigFix 9.5.

Great, that helps a lot, thanks very much!

I see the actions it was creating are in the Master Action site, but wasn’t sure whether it would correctly switch over to the Operator site.

? Why would it need ‘Can use Console’ ? Is there some form of API action that looks like a Console rather than REST?