Does bare metal build use WinPE x86 or WinPE x64?

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The following below is from page 44 of the
"Windows 7 Migration Cookbook

Note: all Windows 7 OS deployments will use the x86 WinPE image even if you are deploying Windows 7 x64. Select the x86 WinPE image from the list and then select the computer model(s) you will be deploying to.

Question, is that correct? When would you use the x64 version of WinPE for deploying a bare metal build? We are using WinPE4.

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I apologize but that is wrong. That line was not corrected in the cookbook.

In IEM OSD, WinPE has same bitness of OS being deployed.

If you are deploying win7 x86 -> winPE 32bit will start.

If you are deploying win7 x64 -> winPE 64bit will start.

We will correct the pdf and refresh it. Thanks for noticing.