DNS Name inspector

Can anyone explain how the inspector “dns name” determines it’s value. I’m asking because I see some systems that are reporting a different domain name in that property compared to the “domain/workgroup - Windows” property.

I understand the domain/workgroup property uses WMI to determine it’s value.

We do not use WMI internally for anything (as its moderately slow and unreliable)

As you mentioned WMI I presume you are on Windows. We call the function gethostbyname


Thanks for the link. It seems that DNS name relates to “Full Computer name” in system properties and The WMI query for domain matches the domain in system properties.

The property “Domain/Workgroup - Windows” in the “Network Information (Windows)” Analysis uses WMI, which is what I was referencing, so there is still some IBM provided content that uses WMI…

Wasn’t meaning that content isn’t around that uses WMI, just that inspectors don’t use WMI internally to get their info :slight_smile: