Disabling External Internet Data Cards while on LAN

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We have observed that many users use external Internet Data Cards (the USB ones - HUAWEI) to access Internet while having their Laptops connected on LAN at Office. Is there any way we can disable these connections while the Laptops are on LAN or prevent them while on LAN?



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Hey Amit,

I am not sure how these network cards register themselves… how would you disable them if you were sitting at the computer?


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Hi Ben,

I tried working with the below registry where it creates the connection ID’s. The MediasubType inside the connection string of the below registry controls the enabling and disabling of any new connection


The objective here is if a Laptop is connected on the Office Network (LAN), and any user connects the Internet Card, Big Fix should detect this connection and disconnect his Laptop from LAN. It is observed that when a DATA card is connected, it registers as a Dial-Up connection inside the Network connections…

Any suggestions…