Different between Bigfix Download server & Bigfix Fixlet server


any one clarify the detail description different between IBM Bigifx Fixlet Server and IBM Bigfix Download Server


It might help to know where you are seeing the terms, but …

IBM Bigfix Fixlet Server : I believe you are referring to the “sync.bigfix.com” server that hosts the “BigFix Content” (Fixlets, Tasks, Analyses, etc).

IBM Bigfix Download Server : I believe you are referring to the “support.bigfix.com” server that provides access to the installable components of BigFix.

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Thanks @TimRice,

could you give an example of “installable components of Bigfix”

It’s a long list. Try opening http://support.bigfix.com/bes/release/

It’s the BigFix installers for BES Server, BES Clients, BES Relays, the various BES Utilities, etc.

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Thanks, as my understand our Bigfix server can download the Bigfix up-gradation Task (ex: 9.5.1 client, server, installer folder to 9.5.2 client, server, installer folder Task) from “support.bigfix.com” site ,

Am i right,


In your example, all contents of “BES Support” site, such as Fixlet “Updated Windows Client - IBM BigFix version 9.5.2 Now Available!” (id 2471) is from Fixlet Server (sync.bigfix.com).

The modules used in Fixlets are from Download Server (software.bigfix.com). For example, if you open the fixlet above, you will see prefetch for http://software.bigfix.com/download/bes/95/BigFix-BES-Client-

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Yes. You are right.You can download from BES Support site

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