Desktop policy issue

Hello everyone,

work desktop has assigned some default sites for security validations.
one of them symantec validation fixlet and from my point of view it works wrongly and annoing me to reboot"take action" computer with intallation proposal of symantec firewall from…

where to I could post the questions\bug reports connected with such porblems of desktop default content ?


Any reboot prompt will be coming from an action initiated by a BigFix Operator. If you’re seeing a reboot prompt then there is an action somewhere that is causing it.

Your best bet would be to identify the action causing the issue and resolve any relevance errors in the fixlet itself.

There are no fixlets for deploying Symantec provided by IBM so your issue is likely with custom content created in your organization.


I’ve said “reboot”… ah )))))) it was windows updates installin in parallel

Symante fixlet was asking “take the action” of course.
Yes, I’ve identified the fixlet pop-uping this because said that it is “wrong” after analysis its relevances. And the question was where to send the bug reports for this default desktop fixlets.
I definetely know that my computer is pointed and managed by IBM BigFix server with ITCS and WIN_DESK and so on sites.

What, “Default Desktop Fixlets” are you refering to?

this fixlet has following refer to site

fixlets specific
Subject: - FWInstall
X-Fixlet-ID: 784007

but what is about some links for reporting pages\tools of such type issues ?